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There is a misconception that stones will change your life. Well, let me demystify this myth. Having stones will not change your life, it will not bring you all the riches you seek, and it will not bring you the love of your life. However, each stone carries a certain energy and frequency that helps to increase the vibration of the person that is in contact with the stone or crystal.  

When your vibration increases you become different, you see things you didn’t see before. You begin to experience life in a different way. The energy of the stone allows you to come into a vibrational match to the things you seek to attain in your life.

However, it is important to note that a stone will not automatically bring the energy you seek without you doing some work first. Before you pick a stone for yourself or someone else, you need to get very clear about what you hope to achieve by working with the stone.

Before you begin working with the stones make sure you cleanse yourself and your home. Then meditate on what energy you would like to bring into your home and your life.

When you receive the stone, you must clear the energy of the stone before you begin working with it. This is a very important step because before you purchased the stone, the stone has absorbed the energy of every person that has touched the stone and the environment in which it is housed before purchase.

It is important that you clear the stone prior to working with it. If someone touches the stone after it has been cleared, you should clear it again.


A Breakdown of the Clearing Process:

  • First - Clear your home in preparation for the stone. So that the energy is not filled with negativity or stagnant energy.  
  • Second - Do the work to set your intention for the stone. Write an affirmation of your intention and have it prepared.
  • Third -  Clear the stone! This can be done through smudging. Light the smudge stick or loose sage leaf and place the stone over the smoke. Hold the stone over the smoke and move the stone around so that every side of the stone has been cleared. Once this is done you should sit with your stone and meditate on it for a few minutes. At this time speak your intention out loud to the stone (what you need help with or would like to achieve) and then state your affirmation to the stone.  This should be done for both raw, tumbled stones and stones in jewelry form. 

Some people wash the stones with salt water, leave it out in the sun, or leave it out under full/new moons, wash it with water, etc. However, I would be very careful doing any of these practices because each stone reacts to the elements differently due to its composition, texture, hardness, absorption abilities, etc. The safest way to clear it is to use sage.

  • Fourth – If you’re working with a raw stone or stone set in Jewelry, you should keep the stone on you for about a week to fully connect with the energy of the stone. State your affirmations daily!

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