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Crystal healing is an ancient practice that early civilizations incorporated into their way of life. Important items such as religious artifacts and sacred art were made from semi-precious stones. Stones were also incorporated into jewelry pieces that were used to signify Royalty and were used as amulets for protection. Egyptian doctors were known to use crystals for health and protection. In China, crystals were used in the home to shift the vibrational energy in a room or help to bring in energy such as love, money, peace, and tranquility.

Crystals and stones can also be placed on the body during energy work (Chakra Clearing or Reiki) by practitioners to help clear energy blocks, heal sicknesses, etc. Please note, using the stones in this way should not circumvent the advice of your physician. 

Going all the way back to Atlantean times, crystals were revered as sacred tools for conducting energy work. Stones were used to shift energies in the body during healing rituals. People worshiped stones to acquire certain powers and to connect with others and information regardless of space and time. Each crystal gives off certain frequency and energy that we as a people do not fully understand. As we continue to work with these stones we become more aware and more enlightened. These stones emit certain energies and vibrations that you have to be receptive to receiving in order for the stones to work in your life.

**Stones will not change your life, the energies of the stone will prompt you to make changes in your life. You need to be open and receptive to the energy of the stone!


You think you are ready to start working with crystals.

Questions & Answers 

I. How should you choose crystals and where should you buy them?

If you’re interested in purchasing stones you can do so in person or online at any metaphysical store.   At first, it was suggested that you hold the stones in your left hand to feel the energy from the stone. The stone that gives off the most energy is the stone you should work with.  However, if you feel strongly about working with a stone, where you choose to purchase the stone has no bearing on the usefulness of the stone. The mere fact that you are attracted to the stone is enough for you to know what stone you need to work with. I am a firm believer that we attract the stone we need when the time is right.

II.   What are the best crystals to incorporate into your home decor? Are different crystals better in different rooms? How should you display them?

Before bringing stones into your home, you should think about the kind of energy you would like to enhance in your home.  If you are thinking about incorporating stones for Feng Shui purposes, then you must know the placements of the energy for the year and where they are located in the home.  In feng shui crystals and stones are considered earth elements. However, the colors of the stone should also be taken into account when you are applying feng shui principles because colors represent different elements and you will need to know what elements you want to enhance in any given year.

The use of stones for décor can be fun and there are several ways in which you can add stones to your décor. You can lay a few of them in a nice dish on the center table in the living room or dining room table. You can display large crystals on racks and place them on top of a bookshelf or any shelf where it will not be disturbed.  Simply lay them in the bedroom on the dresser or on the nightstands to help with sleep.

TIP #1: It is best to place stones in areas where they will not be disturbed by visitors. You should walk around your house and feel the vibration of the area and then select a place that needs a shift of energy.

TIP #2: I do not recommend keeping soft raw stones in the bathroom because the moisture might impact the chemical makeup of the stone. If you are trying to increase the vibration in the bathroom use polished tumbled stones.  

That being said, there are several stones that should be brought into every home, and they are,

RUE15 (3)

Amethyst is well known as the stone of tranquility. It is a powerful stone for keeping away negative vibrations.  So if you find yourself struggling with negative energies, then you should wear or keep Amethyst close to you. Amethyst is beneficial in helping people release addictions, helps to release tension between people, reduce arguments and helps smooth out conflicts with people you live with. Meditate with an Amethyst to clear your auric field and cleanse your etheric body from addictive states and negative vibrations. Place the stone in the common areas of the home or a room you feel harbors the most negativity.

It is very beneficial to place Amethyst in the bedroom to release stress and increase peace and tranquility while you sleep. Just keep the stone away from direct sunlight to prevent the stone’s color from fading. It can be displayed in crystal form or in tumbled form as a centerpiece. This stone has a rich purple color that can enhance the money area, which is normally the South East area of your home.

RUE15 (2)

Rose Quartz is known as the stone of love. It stimulates and opens the heart chakra while clearing the emotional body of old emotional patterns and heals the heart of old wounds. The vibration of this stone is to spread love, compassion, and gentle understanding throughout the world.

Placing a chunk of Rose Quartz around the house can help increase harmony and love. When worn it helps the wearer to maintain harmony in all interactions.  If you are single, place two pieces of this stone by your bed when looking to attract new love. It will help you become open to giving and receiving new love. You can also place two heart-shaped rose quartz stones in the Love and Marriage (South West (SW)) area of your home, your bedroom or the SW area of every room of your home to attract more love. It is also a great stone to place in your child’s room.


RUE15 (5)


Selenite is used for good luck and protection. Jade is usually recommended for this but there are so many artificial jade stones on the market, it would be hard to know if you have a genuine stone. Therefore, we recommend Selenite in its place. The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras. This is also a protective stone that can shield one from absorbing negative energies. This stone radiates pure loving energy at all times. It is so powerful that it does absorb negativity and never needs clearing. It can also be used to clear other stones.   It is very good at balancing energies and providing a boost to those experiencing high levels of stress and fatigue.  Selenite shields a person or space from outside influences.

It is also a very useful stone to someone who wishes to cut cords they have developed over the years. (Chord cutting can be done by moving the wand across the body with the intention of releasing a person or behavior you would like to release).

Use Selenite in a grid around your home or in all four corners of a room to create a safe and peaceful space.  It is also good to sleep with Selenite to shield you while you sleep from negative auras. Selenite is also good for children that suffer from nightmares. (Place Selenite under the pillow or on the nightstand with Howlite for a more peaceful sleep.)


RUE15 (4)Black tourmaline is widely used for protection when someone is working or living in hostile situations, or going through a challenging time in their life. Black Tourmaline crystals act like etheric vacuum cleaners, clearing oneself and one’s environment of negativity and disharmony. They are also good for ridding someone of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger, and ideas of unworthiness. It helps to put an energetic boundary between you and others so that you don’t pick up unwanted energies. 

Placing Black tourmaline around the home (in each corner) helps to create a protective barrier around the home or room. This stone assists in balancing out the lower vibration in a room. In addition, placing the stone above your entryway door also deters people that have negative intentions or energy from entering the home. (Disclaimer: This should not replace your security system but it wouldn’t hurt to try.)

There are more stones that you can incorporate into your home and energy healing work. The stones mentioned above is a great starting point for someone new to working with crystals. 




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