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Why is Crystal Healing So Popular Now?

As a people we are ascending to higher vibration as the energy of our planet has shifted. Many believe that everyone living during this time has been going through an awakening/ascension process. Some people are more susceptible to the change in energies while others have experienced no effect at all.

However, as more people awaken to the shift in energies, they are gravitating towards working with crystals. As a by-product, people are being introduced to stones by family members, friends, colleagues or from feng-shui experts that encourage the use of stones to shift the energies in a room, home and body.

As the planet undergoes these changes, the stones are emitting frequencies at a higher level than ever before. This has prompted many to work with them in an effort to expand their consciousness, block negative energies, manifest desires, clear emotional blockages, and insecurities; cut karmic ties, conduct healing work, clear energy blockages in the body (Chakras) or grow spiritually through meditation or connecting with spiritual guides.

Those that feel the shift are known as lightworkers, which many believe are people living now that made spiritual contracts to be here (alive) during this time of unrest. To raise the vibration of the planet by increasing lightwork energy to combat the negativity that has seeped into the fabric of our nation and global community. They are drawn to the stones because it emits an energy that is familiar to them, in ways they cannot explain.

The fact that your reading this, means that you are a lightworker. You are here to join the collective and do great things with your life. Whether or not you see this in your life right now; as your consciousness expands you will become more empowered to be the person you were meant to be in this life.

What you have inside of you will be a beacon of light to this world. 

Crystals are a conduit for helping you get to the next phase of your spiritual journey. They help to raise your vibration which will allow you to be more receptive to the messages and energies that will help you transcend.

Everyone in life goes through a spiritual journey. Some Journeys can last for many years!

It can be painful and it can be wonderful, but in the end, we become who we were meant to be. So don't be afraid and don't question your faith during this process. Everything you have learned, experienced and practiced in this life is all apart of the divine plan.

We at Phiyani Rue, welcome to opportunity to walk with you on your spiritual journey!

Love & Light



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