Purple and Green Amethyst Earrings-14K Gold

  • $86.00

A simple yet elegant take on the various colors of Amethyst. This combination of Green and Purple Amethyst turned into a very beautiful hoop earring. The 14K Gold fill hoops are shaped and forged by hand and beaded to perfection. These earrings are perfect for those with earring sensitivity.  

Amethyst, the stone of protection and purification. It helps clear one’s energy field of negative influences and attachments. Wearing amethysts helps one to maintain inner peace and a state of well-being. Amethyst is known to heal the heart at the highest spiritual levels. It purifies negative emotions and promotes feelings of flexibility, cooperation and peace. Amethyst provides protection and balance during major personal transitions and reduces feelings of being victimized by others. Amethyst supports all aspects of spiritual growth with peace and calm to fulfill one's mission on Earth. It can activate the higher mind allowing one to gain a clearer comprehension and understanding of the dynamics and root causes of life experiences.  Amethyst helps one eliminate emotion-based decision making allowing one to take actions from a higher level of understanding.

It opens and clears the third eye and crown chakras, thereby, accelerating the development of intuitive and psychic abilities.  

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