Rouge Kisses Pink Amethyst Earrings  - 14K Gold, Natural Earrings - Phiyani Rue

Rouge Kisses Pink Amethyst Earrings - 14K Gold

  • $82.00

A Simple and yet elegant dangle earring. The Pink Amethyst stones are suspended from hand-forged 14K Gold Fill horseshoe-shaped frame. Ear hooks are also made of 14K Gold. The earring is medium in length but has a very light feel.

The earring is perfect for those with sensitivities and can be worn every day or on special occasions. 

This may become your new staple earring!! A gorgeous piece indeed.

Crystal Healing Properties:

The Pink Amethyst stone is the rarest of the Amethyst stone. known to heal the heart of the wearer increasing the vibrational energy that will allow one to attract a good and harmonious relationship.  It is known to increase creativity and allow one to see beyond the surface. The pink amethyst will help t dispel negative energy and emotion fro the body. 


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