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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Rough Stone

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Lapis Lazuli Stone: Inner vision, truthful

Element: Wind

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Throat (5th)

A "stone of protection and enlightenment". Assists with spiritual growth, intuitive perception and objectivity. Mentally calming, supports clarity & helps one to organize day to day activities. Enhances serenity, acceptance and dreams.  Lapis is the stone if truth and stimulating influence of the throat chakra helping one speak their truth in all situations. It also helps one learn more effectively and is excellent for enhancing memory. Therefore, it is often used by students or someone seeking aide when learning a new skill, or undertaking a new task. It is the stone of the spiritual seeker and student, stimulating one’s desire for knowledge and understanding.

This stone was dedicated to Venus, the Goddess of love for more than 5,000 years. It is the stone of communication, which helps bring honesty, compassion and harmony to a relationship. By helping to facilitate active listening. 

It helps one identify the karmic roots of disease. It’s good at identifying habitual thought patterns and emotions sabotaging one’s healing.


Material: Crystal
Theme: Truth 
Regional Feature: China

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