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Mystic Dangle Earrings

  • $73.99

Beautifully crafted Sterling Silver Dangle Earring with five 4.6CT Mystic Topaz accented with a Cubic Zirconia stone. The Topaz stone is faceted in a sturdy sterling silver frame. This piece is simply Stunning and is a perfect gift item for any woman. 

Crystal Healing Properties: 

Mystic Topaz: The energies of the Mystic “Fire” Topaz helps to open up the heart and allows the wearer to build trust and instill trust from others. The resonating energies of the Mystic Topaz mainly depend on the prominent color of the stone. If the color is blue, the vibrant energies of the stone help to balance emotions. The Golden tint of the stone enhances wealth and power. The green holds the propensity to heal the wounded emotions and offers protection from harm and negative thinking patterns. While Red promotes the feeling of trust and opens the heart.


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