Mother - Reiki Charged Pillars, Candle - Phiyani Rue

Mother - Reiki Charged Pillars

  • $14.99

Fragrance: Orange blossom, chamomile, and vanilla

Seek the divine graces and blessings of fertility, creation and imagination found within the Mother with this Reiki Charged pillar candle dedicated to the Mother.

  • Use to guide a mother and child’s love in a positive light.

    When the time is right to visit your sacred space, allow us to enlighten the journey. Each of these magic candles has been designed with a specific intention using a unique blend of essential oils by Crystal Journey.

    Each candle comes with an affirmation and inspirational message. This candles affirmation: "Thank you for your unselfish love and understanding, your loyalty and generosity, your constant encouragement and concern. I love you."

    • 1.5" x 7"
    • Hand-crafted in New England
    • Highly Scented with Essential Oils
    • Cotton, Lead-Free Wick

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