Fancy Jasper Stone - Tumbled

  • $7.50

Jasper, Fancy  Grounding mental energies; discipline and perseverance; slow, steady healing

Fancy Jasper is a very grounding stone that helps to calm and focus the mind, helpling to dispel mental fog or a cluttered mind. It helps one to increase organization of thought, develop innovative approaches to tackle projects or tasks that require a lot of mental effort. A great stone to use to overcome procrastination and insomnia.  It is also a healing stone, that aids in eliminating chronic problems in the body and psyche. It opens up all chakras slowly creating an internal balance that provides an overall feeling of wellbeing.

In Shamanic practices, Fancy Jasper is also used to as an energetic doorway to the other world. Great stone for seeing the recent and ancient past.

This stone comes in a variety of colors.

Stone is sold by (1) piece, shape, color and size will vary

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