Emerald Tumbled Stone

  • $11.00

These tumbled stones display swirls of green, mingled with veins of black, grey and white, portraying the precious stone mingled with its impurities as it is found in nature. Highly valued by jewelers and other metal crafters, Emerald is often one of the most expensive stones on the market and can be found in expensive, high-end jewelry and even crown jewels.

Emerald is the stone of love, compassion, healing and abundance. This stone was widely used by Egyptians and Ancient Romans as a symbol of fertility and resurrection.  Emerald was used as a healing stone, lore has maintained that these stones not only have healing properties that can cure diseases but that it improves memory, enhances persuasiveness and bestow the gift of prophecy.

Also, known as the stone of “Love”; this stone is a great heart chakra activator. It helps one live from a place of love and compassion, allowing one to not only give but receive all forms of love. Emerald is a great stone for someone that needs to heal from heartbreak and suffers from low self-esteem.  It strengthens the physical and emotional heart centers so that one can connect to the frequency of high love.  

Wearing Emerald helps to increased one’s vibrational energy to attract abundance in one’s life, allowing one to attract what one needs and desires. It is a great stone to work with when looking to manifest  love and prosperity, among other things into your life. It is important to note that abundance is not limited to financial gains but also includes love, happiness, joyous life experiences, family, creative projects, children and an overall feeling of oneness to name a few. So open your self up to work with this stone and allow it to bring into your life the things you desire and much more!

Stone is sold by (1) piece, shape, color and size will vary.

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