The Manifestation Cleansing Kit - Love

  • $65.95

The Manifestation Cleansing Kit for Love is a perfect blend of all cleaning tools in one package. This kit should provide 6 to 8 months of cleansing if used twice a month. We recommend this kit for those experiencing years of stagnation or a series of negative events. In addition, if one is looking to increase their ability to manifest the things they seek this is the perfect kit to bring about change in one's life. 

 The Love kit comes with:

  • 2- 3inch Sage stick
  • 2- 3-Inch Palo Santo stick
  • 1- 2.4 oz Love and Attraction Resin Jar
  • 2-10 Charcoal pack
  • 1- Love Bath Salt Bag
  • 3-5 Tumbled stones: 2- Rose Quartz Tumbled or Raw Stone, 1- Labradorite, 1-Selenite Cube, 2- Garnet Stones
  • Smudge Canoe Burner (Optional)

How to use:

We recommend that when preparing to cleanse yourself and home for the new year, start off by smudging the four corners of every room until the home is filled with smoke. At this point, you should cleanse yourself by covering yourself with the smoke from the sage stick (Remember to cleanse hands and feet). When every room in the house is filled with smoke then open the windows for 5-10 minutes and let the negative energy out.  At that time burn the Palo Santo Stick and walk through the home. Close the windows and burn the resin. Afterward, take a shower and then take a bath and soak in the bath salts for 20 -30 mins. Take that time to write what you seek to manifest in the new year!

***If cleansing away a person’s energy, make sure to pay special attention to the areas that was most used by the person and allow the smoke to fill/cover the space /item. Place sage stick under the bed where this person slept and then under your side.

Cleanse your home and your self weekly to get rid of any negative energy/psychic attacks that you may have absorbed throughout the week. Make it a point to cleanse your home when visitors leave to remove any residual energy they may have left. It doesn't matter who the person is they carry energy and when you are manifesting protecting your space is critical.

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