Circle of Love Necklace

  • $35.99

This beautiful gold-plated Garnet Pendant is paired with a 24-inch Stainless Steel gold plated rope chain. The pendant is made of a raw stone that is wrapped with gold plating, the color may vary and there may be natural cracks in the stone. 

The stainless steel rope chain is very exquisite. It has a lightweight feel but is very strong and sturdy. This chain can be worn alone and still look amazing!

Healing Properties of Garnet:  Energizes, revitalizes and balances energy.

Inspires love and devotion. Enhances sexuality and as a "stone of health" clears negative energy & enhances personal power for success.

It helps alleviate worry, panic, and fear and makes one feel grounded and protected. Garnet helps one find joy in their physical life and a feeling of support in one’s needs and desires.  It is also known as the stone of physical love and the relationship between two loving partners.  It is a great stone for someone looking to attract a romantic partner.

As with all jewelry do not expose to chemicals, water, and perfumes.

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