Blue Obsidian Tumbled Stone

  • $10.00

Blue Obsidian is a naturally created glass. This one is blue to teal green. It is formed from volcanic lava which cooled too quickly for significant crystallization to occur. It is colored by the presence of minerals present during formation.This is a stone/glass that has been associated with spirit fire and guardian spirits that watch over us, Blue Obsidian also has influences from the mother goddess, water, mystery, and ancestors.

Blue Obsidian is an excellent stone for opening up the throat chakra. It’s pure aqua blue color resonates to the throat chakra, encouraging clear communication of one’s inner wisdom.

It is harmonizing to the emotional body, bringing a calming influence. It can aid in connecting to the Water element, which can lead to the enhancement of one’s intuitive capacities. It is gentle, safe and comfortable for almost anyone.

Blue Obsidian helps one to “go within” to obtain a deeper understanding of one’s inner, true self, thus aiding one with communication with one’s soul and to receive it’s guidance and one’s soul’s purpose for this lifetime. It helps one to view life with a calmness and serenity.

Stone is sold by (1) piece, shape, color and size will vary.

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