Blue Aventurine Tumbled Stone

  • $7.80

Bring good luck to your life, and pleasant dreams, even as the power of Blue Aventurine helps ease anxiety and calm emotion in those who carry it with them.

Blue Aventurine helps to open the throat chakra and the third eye, encouraging one to speak one’s highest wisdom. It helps one to make decisions and see it through to the end.  Blue Aventurine is a great stone for someone with self-esteem issues, it helps one become comfortable in one’s skin.  It is also great for fostering growth in maturity for those that still act childlike in adulthood (Peter Pan Syndrome). This stone helps one release bad habits, such as, smoking, excessive drinking, partying, procrastination, etc.,

This calming stone can help with hyperactivity and bring a sense of direction and purpose to one's life. Blue Aventurine can help clear the mind of mental clutter and confusion, limiting beliefs and victim mentality.  It aids in opening the third eye, encouraging vision and inspiration and new approaches to life’s challenges and one’s beliefs.

Stone is sold by (1) piece, shape, color and size will vary.

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