Axinite Tumbled Stone

  • $10.50

These beautiful tumbled stones show polished formations of Axinite crystal, a wonderful crystal that can be used to ground energy and help transform negative energies into positive and to help one make significant life changes.

Axinite helps to reinvigorate a stagnant and unbalance root chakra and the third eye. A person experiencing an imbalance of root chakra has low energy, fatigue, and physical inactivity. Axinite is known to bring increased strength and endurance, during times of stress and long working hours. It is a grounding stone, it helps one bring more clarity and understanding to the situation. It is good to work with this stone if you are studying and need to remember large amounts of information.

Axinite is also very useful to those that have a hard time to meditate, or difficulty remembering, spiritual messages, Akashic records, and past life regressions.

Stone is sold by (1) piece, shape, color and size will vary.

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