Maa Laxmi Incense (HEM) 1 Pack

  • $2.50

The Maa Laxmi Incense "The Goddess of Wealth" has a

 very light and cool scent that has a sandalwood base. Call upon Maa Laxmi, when you are in need of financial assistance.





Worship of a mother goddess has been a part of Indian tradition since its earliest times. Lakshmi is one of the traditional Hindu mother goddesses, and she is often addressed as "mata" (mother) instead of just "devi" (goddess). As a female counterpart of Lord Vishnu, Mata Lakshmi is also called "Shr," the female energy of the Supreme Being. She is the goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace, and charm.
Listen to this video of the Laxmi chant while burning,
  • Hand rolled Incense  
  • Each Incense Stick is hand rolled using natural ingredients
  • Each Incense Stick is approx 23 cm in length
  • Each pack contains 20 Incense Sticks

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