Inner Essence Necklace - 14K Gold

  • $84.00

One of a kind Clear quartz pendant accented with Lapis Lazuli Beads. Uniquely sized Crystal Quartz Drop pieces that are suspended from hand forged 14k Gold Filled Framework, shape and hammered by hand for strength. The Necklace measures 24" in length, making this your perfect Medium Tier Layering piece.

Crystal Healing Properties: 

Clear Quartz – Amplification of one’s intention, magnification of ambient energies, clearing, cleansing, healing, memory enhancement

Clear quartz, it is a stone that has vibrational energy but when you meditate with it you can program it to assist the user in achieving any goal for their inner and outer life. Numerous inner and outer events will seem to conspire to synchronistically to bring about the manifestation of one’s wish.  Sleeping with a clear quartz can enhance vivid dreams and holding it during meditation will help deepen one’s meditative experience.

This stone brings clarity of thought and purpose to one’s mind and heart and can assist one in overcoming confusion. It can be used to enhance the communications of guides and amplify psychic abilities.

Lapis Lazuli  "stone of protection and enlightenment". Assists with spiritual growth, intuitive perception, and objectivity. A mentally calming stone that supports clarity & helps one to organize day-to-day activities. Enhances serenity, acceptance, and dreams.  Lapis is the stone if truth and stimulating influence of the throat chakra helping one speak their truth in all situations. It also helps one learn more effectively and is excellent for enhancing memory. Therefore, it is often used by students or someone seeking aide when learning a new skill or undertaking a new task. It is the stone of the spiritual seeker and student, stimulating one’s desire for knowledge and understanding. It is the stone of communication, which helps bring honesty, compassion, and harmony to a relationship. It helps facilitate active listening. 


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