Ammonite Fossils Seashell Snail Pendants Ocean (Unisex), Pendant - Phiyani Rue

Ammonite Fossils Seashell Snail Pendants Ocean (Unisex)

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Ammonite- Transition, transformation, personal growth

Element: Storm, Earth

Chakras: Base, Solar Plexus

Crystal Healing Properties:

Ammonite is a very healing fossil. They are a wonderful tool to assist you in moving from the old to the new and to be receptive to the fresh, innovative forces that are available to you. Fossils can assist you in your quest for transition, transformation and personal growth, helping you to understand the process of change.

Its spiral shape symbolizes continual change and evolution. Ammonites have absorbed cosmic energy over eons of time and help to stimulate the life force (Chi) within.  The Ammonite spirals as a filter, drawing in these dense energies which are no longer needed, moving them through the spirals and releasing them as fresh, positive, loving life force energies.

Ammonites can help you to gain perspective on the present, integrate information about the past or potential future, or aid in reorienting yourself after entering altered states of consciousness.

They are especially useful for past life recall and to contact spirit guides. Traditionally they were used to honor ancestors and to connect to ancient sources of knowledge. Ammonites are often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies.

Metals Type: Zinc Alloy
Chain Type: Rope Chain
Material: Ammonite Fossil
Pendant Size: 38X28X10 mm
Jewelry Type: Pendant
Main Stone: Natural Snail Shell Fossils

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