Herkimer 30" Necklace - 14K Gold, Natural Necklace - Phiyani Rue

Herkimer 30" Necklace - 14K Gold

  • $75.00

We are just in love with this new addition!

This handmade Herkimer Diamond necklace is a gorgeous addition to our collection. The beautiful detail of the double terminated Micro Herkimer Diamond chips beaded together and then faceted on a 30-inch 14K Gold Fill link chain will definitely make this new go-to necklace for the fall. Throw this on over your favorite sweater or dress and make a fashion statement.

Crystal Healing Properties: 

The Herkimer diamonds are a form of quartz. They are widely used to enhance harmonious energies within the body and like the Clear Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds magnify the frequencies of other stones. Great stone to work with when trying to enhance manifestations rituals. The stones emanate pure spiritual light energy.

They are very popular stones to use in dream and vision work because they activate and open the crown and third eye chakra. Herkimer diamonds can help assist in mediation, they help one to remain focused and grounded while ascending to a higher level of spiritual awareness while remaining connected to the physical body. Furthermore, the high vibrational energy of these stones helps one look deep within themselves and heal/ bring light into the dark areas of his or her soul.   It helps to clear out energy block in one’s aura bringing in pure angelic energies.

Common uses: Spiritual Ascension, dream work, astral travel, connecting with the higher realms, time travel, dimensional shifting and enhancing other stones.


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