Hematite Hexa Necklace

  • $37.00

This beautiful gold-plated Hematite Pendant is paired with a 24-inch Stainless Steel gold plated snake chain. The pendant is made of a raw stone that is wrapped with gold plating, this stone is chiseled and has many grooves. The surface of this pendant is reflective and has a metallic sheen to it. 

The stainless steel snake chain is very exquisite. It has a lightweight feel but is very strong and sturdy. This chain lays perfectly on the neck and can be worn without a pendant.

Healing Properties of Hematite: Protective and Grounding

Hematite is often used to balance out the root chakra, which leads to helping one find their truest self. The stone helps one identify their unique gifts, release self-imposed limitations while remaining grounded and focused.  It is also a protective stone and helps to absorb the negative energies around the wearer.

As with all jewelry do not expose to chemicals, water, and perfumes.

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