Purification Kit Palo Santo/Sage/Yerba Santa & Abalone shell

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Smudging Kit 3-Step Purification

For Your Home or Office.

Step 1 - White Sage -  CLEANSE NEGATIVE

White Sage is traditionally used by Native Americans for energetic cleansing. Its bitter scent repels all kinds of energy, preparing the ground for attracting positive vibrations.

HOW TO USE: Open a window or a door to let fresh air in. Hold the bundle stem side. Light the tip, and gently blow out the flame. Place the smoldering bundle into the abalone shell.

Body Cleansing: For astral purification first bathe your hands in the smoke and then spread the smoke all over your body. 

Room Cleansing: While holding the bundle over the abalone shell, begin from the doorway and move around the room in a clockwise manner with the intention to push the negative energy out. If you’re smudging a house continue with each room finishing at the front door where you will extinguish the smoldering embers by rubbing them inside the abalone shell. Afterwards you may place the ashes on the doorstep to protect the entrance to your home.  ***Caution- Never disperse hot embers into the environment; they are a fire hazard.


Step 2 - Palo Santo – ATTRACT POSITIVE

The role of Palo Santo (“Holy Wood”) in shamanic and spiritual traditions is dated back thousands of years to the Incas. Palo Santo has a fresh and pleasant fragrance that attracts positive energy, creativity, and healing, and its smoke promotes deep concentration and meditation.

HOW TO USE: Hold the stick by one end and light the other end. Allow it to burn for a moment and then gently blow out the flame. Place it into the abalone shell and allow it to smolder, releasing its mystical fragrance and healing power into the environment. To extinguish, rub the smoldering end inside the abalone shell.


Step 3 - Yerba Santa –TRANSCEND

The medicinal and spiritual benefits of Yerba Santa (‘Sacred Herb’) have been long sought after by Native American cultures for centuries. Its sweet and uplifting scent is used to promote protection, growth, healing, beauty, and strength. Yerba Santa may be used in addition to, or in place of, Palo Santo to fortify health and strength.

HOW TO USE: Light the tip of the bundle; then gently blow out the flame. Hold it over the abalone shell and slowly move it in a circular motion around a picture or an imaginary image of someone special or in need, while saying a prayer or a mantra. To extinguish, rub the smoldering end inside the abalone shell.

WARNING: Fire hazard. Do not leave burning smudges unattended. Use only over a fireproof plate or bowl and away from flammable objects and surfaces. Extinguish thoroughly before disposal. When burning any smudging herb, open a window or a door to circulate fresh air.


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Contains: Abalone shell, White Sage bundle, Palo Santo stick, Yerba Santa bundle

LXWXH:  4.75x5.25x2.25"

Weight: 5 oz.


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