Abel Green Chrysoprase Necklace - 14K Gold, Natural Necklace - Phiyani Rue

Abel Green Chrysoprase Necklace - 14K Gold

  • $72.00

A beautiful handmade 14K Gold Fill Chrysoprase teardrop pendant with 18” Chain. This unique spin on the horseshoe design makes this one of our most alluring pieces. The necklace can be worn every day or on special occasions.

This may become your new staple necklace!! A gorgeous piece indeed.

Perfect necklace for someone looking to bring more happiness and love into their lives!

Crystal Healing Properties:

Chrysoprase stone is known as the “Stone of Heart” it has strong healing energies and helps one heal old emotional wounds. It helps the wearer to release fear-based emotions, beliefs, and behaviors that are tied to strong emotional imbalances that have resulted from abuse, poor self-esteem and or bitterness.  Chrysoprase carries within it an energy of growth and promise of new beginnings. This stone will expand the energy of the heart chakra center and will allow one to be open and receptive to receiving infinite love and abundance of the universe.  Thereby clearing away negative thought patterns and behaviors that impede one’s ability to give and receive love.

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