Amor Rose Necklace

  • $37.99

Staff favorite!!!

This beautiful round Rose Quartz Gold plated pendant on a  18K Gold-plated 18 inch Snake Chain. This necklace is great for daily wear or special occasions. The Rose Quartz pendant is faceted in a hand forged closure. The pendant is about 1 inch and the color and shape will vary slightly. This pendant is made out of natural stone so there will be variations and slight imperfections. 

Select your chain length - 18 inch or 24 inches 

Stone Properties

Rose Quartz - Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the divine

Element: Water Chakras: Heart (4th)

It is one of the most important stone someone can work with. This stone stimulates and opens the heart chakra. It clears the emotional body and helps on release old emotional patterns and heals the heart of old wounds. This stone vibration can help spread love, compassion, and gentle understanding throughout the world.

Placing a chunk of Rose Quartz around the house can help increase harmony and love in the environment. When worn it helps the wearer to maintain harmony in all interactions. This stone is a perfect gift for anyone even children. It is a wonderful stone of protection for children.

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